Top 20 Hottest Guys in the World 2018-2019

By on October 31, 2018

It seems like only yesterday that 2018 first started, but here we are, looking at the face of 2019 and wondering what happened to the last twelve months of our life. (Does time go by faster as you get older, or is it just us?) We decided it was definitely time to look back over the last twelve months, and also into the year coming, to see which men deserved a spot on the Top 20 Hottest Guys in the World 2018-2019. 

With actors, sportsman, and singers aplenty, we hope you enjoy the list we’ve put together, but we welcome all comments in the space below this post. Let us know if you think we’ve missed anyone out? 

In no particular order, here are our top 20 hottest guys in the world 2018-2019. 

1 – Tom Hardy

He’s the man that can take on any role and play the part fabulously, not just the evil Venom, but also both of the Kray Twins in the 2015 hit, Legend. We almost couldn’t believe that the British actor was 41 years old (at the time of writing), but Hammersmith in London-born Hardy celebrates his birthday on September 15th, (1977). 

Top 20 Hottest Guys in the World 2018-2019 1

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Not content with playing one crime lord in his lifetime, 2019 will see Hollywood hunk, Tom playing the part of Al Capone in Fonzo. With Matt Dillon also starring in the biological crime movie, it’s one that we personally can’t wait to see! 

2 – Prince Harry 

Once the world’s most eligible bachelor, now Prince Harry is a new husband, and soon-to-be a new father, too, along with his new bride, Hollywood actress Meghan Markle. The entire world has gone bonkers for the new couple, and the women of the land seem to have taken it rather well that the last single Prince has now been taken off the market. With the new Royal baby due at some point in the spring of 2019, it just didn’t seem right to have a list of top 20 hottest guys of 2018-2019 without having a little mention for one half of the couple that’s currently on everybody’s lips! 

Top 20 Hottest Guys in the World 2018-2019 2

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3 – Jared Leto

Another man on this list that doesn’t seem to age AT ALL, Jared Leto is 46 years old and a successful director, songwriter, singer and actor, most famous perhaps for his part in Suicide Squad as the Joker in 2016. In case you were wondering, Jared first made his acting debut (in movies) in 1995, in a movie called How to Make an American Quilt. 

Top 20 Hottest Guys in the World 2018-2019 3

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He’s turned into somewhat of a digital marketing mogul now, alongside being the lead singer with band Thirty Seconds to Mars, founding a company called The Hive which focuses on digital and social media marketing. He then went on to try and conquer the video streaming world, launching VyRT, and started funding Reddit. 

4 – Idris Elba

Did you know that 46-year-old Idris Elba isn’t just an actor, although that’s what many of us will know him best for. This handsome chap (and one that consistently has *those* James Bond 007 rumours going around about him) is also a producer and a musician — a DJ! He actually worked with Jay-Z on the 2007 album American Gangster, performing on the intro and co-producing some of the album. 

Top 20 Hottest Guys in the World 2018-2019 4

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If it’s movies that you’re in the market for, 2019 is going to be a good year for both you and Elba. There are two movies set for release — Cats, and Hobbs and Shaw. It is the latter that we are very excited for — a spin-off of the brilliant The Fast and the Furious movie series. You will see Idris Elba joining the likes of Jason Statham and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is the action movie that we should see released at some point in the late summer. 

5 – Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper … He’s been on a few of the hottest man lists, over a few years now. It’s hardly any wonder. A great actor and an all-around handsome chap … What’s not to like? 43-year old Cooper is famous for a string of movies, covering a few different genres. So successful have most of his movies been, he was actually labelled as one of the highest-paid actors across the globe for three years in a row, and he’s also appeared on a number of Time and Forbes Top lists in terms of earnings and influence. 

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If you haven’t seen the promotional stuff for A star is Born alongside Lady Gaga, you must have been living under a rock, but that’s not the only thing coming from this chap over the next twelve months or so. There is an Avengers movies coming out that will see Bradley returning as Rocket, plus a World War II-based movie alongside Clint Eastwood. What’s your favourite Bradley Cooper film? 

6 – Lewis Hamilton 

We’re moving to the sporting world for a moment. Motorsport, to be exact — Lewis Hamilton. It seems only right to include the British racing driver on this list as he’s just won his FIFTH world title in Formula One. Some might say that he’s one of the best racing drivers of his generation, moving from strength to strength after winning his very first World Championship title back, with team McLaren. 

Top 20 Hottest Guys in the World 2018-2019 6

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Is he single? Nobody really knows. He has been linked to a string of high-profile women, with a long-term relationship to the leader of the Pussycat Dolls, Nicole Scherzinger. There have been numerous reports that he was dating singer/rapper Nicki Monaco for a spell, but there doesn’t appear to be much in the way of confirming or denying from either party. 

7 – Chris Pratt

Everyone’s favourite dinosaur guy, Chris Pratt isn’t just the man who can control a bunch of angry velociraptors, 39-year-old Pratt is also Star-Lord/Peter Quill in the Avengers movies, of which another is due for release in 2019. And the Guardians of the Galaxy movies, too, obviously. It’s not just saving the world that this actor will be doing over the coming years, though. With The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part AND The Kid (a western biographical drama also starring Ethan Hawke) coming out, 2019 is going to be a great year for this American actor. 

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8 – Machine Gun Kelly 

Richard Colson Baker, better known as Machine Gun Kelly, is a 28-year-old actor, singer and rapper who took 2018 — and the internet — by storm when he came up against Eminem in a battle of the rappers. Eminem released a song called “Not Alike” following an alleged comment by MGK about his daughter, and the younger rapped came back with a rebuttal that literally took over the rap scene for a while — “Rap Devil”. The back n’ forth was great for fans, some of whom predicted it was just a big marketing storm, but it certainly didn’t hinder Machine Gun Kelly’s music career. 

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9 – Ryan Gosling

A Canadian actor that sets heart fluttering all across the globe, 37-year-old Ryan Gosling is, unfortunately, not on the market. He started dating Eva Mendez back in 2011, and they’ve since had two baby girls. That hasn’t stopped him taking the film world by storm, of course, with movies that include La La Land; Crazy, Stupid, Love; and let’s not forget the absolutely brilliant The Notebook. Isn’t that when we all fell in love with Ryan Gosling? (Swoooon.) 

Top 20 Hottest Guys in the World 2018-2019 9

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10 – Will Smith

This man simply doesn’t age. That’s what we’ve discovered about Will Smith, who is FIFTY years old. Fifty. We’ll just give you a moment and let that sink in. He clearly has access to some sort of magic potion that stops him from ageing. Whatever it is, we’d quite like it too. 

Not just an actor, but a songwriter and rapper, comedian, and producer, too, Will Smith is well known for his works of art over the years, and for appearing on a NUMBER of hottest-men-lists, for a NUMBER of years. That’s alongside winning himself no fewer than four Grammy Awards and getting nominated for a couple of Academy Awards and five Golden Globe Awards. He was even classed as *the* “most powerful actor in Hollywood” by Newsweek back in 2007, and it’s a title that not many would disagree with. 

Top 20 Hottest Guys in the World 2018-2019 10

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What’s coming up in 2019 and beyond for this Hollywood hunk? We’re super excited for the real-life adaption of Aladdin, which will see Will Smith donning his best blue suit to pay the Genie. There are two more movies, too — Gemini Man and Spies in Disguise, both of which are due out in the same year — 2019. 

11 – Channing Tatum 

We can’t really have a list like this without having a special mention for Mr Magic Mike himself — Channing Tatum. The 38-year-old American actor made his movie debut in Coach Carter, which came out in 2005 but it wasn’t until the following year that he was projected into the limelight in a big way, with the hit film Step Up. A number of awesome hits have come since then, including Dear John, 21 Jump Street, and White House Down (among so many others), but it is Magic Mike that many of us will remember him best and most for … especially *that* dancing scene to Genuwine’s Pony. 

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We’ll see Channing Tatum taking on the role of Superman/Clark Kent in The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part, due out in 2019, and there’s probably going to be more than a few re-runs of P!nk’s “Beautiful Trauma” video from 2017, which sees Tatum don his dancing shoes again. 

12 – Ryan Reynolds 

This Hollywood actor has been on so many lists just like this one, it seems odd to find one that doesn’t contain his name, but it’s not just Ryan Reynolds’ good looks that keep people swooning for him all across the globe … He seems to have a phenomenal sense of humour, and that humour is displayed in regular social media posts in which he faux-trolls his equally brilliant wife, Blake Lively. 

Top 20 Hottest Guys in the World 2018-2019 12

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The 42-year-old Canadian- American actor is set to have a good year in 2019, with a couple of movies due for release. Six Underground promises to be a good watch, an action film that also stars Dave Franco. Pokemon: Detective Pikachu is probably one that not everyone will love, seeing Ryan playing the role of Detective Pikachu as part of the Pokemon craze. 

13 – Zac Efron 

It seems like the Zac Efron era will go on forever, but it’s not just Zac’s great looks that win over the hearts of many. It’s also his amazing ability to pick up any role and play it with ease. 2019 might see him playing one of his most gruelling and gritty roles yet, though … Ted Bundy, a serial killer who reportedly ended the life of 30 (confessed) women, and potentially many more than that. Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile is the movie you’ll need to keep your eyes open for if you’re interested. If you fancied something a little more light-hearted, you could also check out The Beach Bum. A comedy movie that also stars Isla Fisher and Matthew McConaughey, we are also expecting to see Snoop Dogg and Jonah Hill pop up from time to time, too. 

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14 – Rami Malek 

If you’re a fan of the rock group, Queen, you’ll be joining us in the queue for Bohemian Rhapsody — one of the most anticipated movies of 2019. Playing a very convincing Freddie Mercury (in our opinion) is Rami Malek, and that’s not the last of this fine chap that you’ll be seeing over 2019 and beyond.

Top 20 Hottest Guys in the World 2018-2019 14

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You’d never believe that Rami is 37 years old, but he is, born May 12th, 1981, and as well as hearing him offer his voice for the part of Flip McVicker in BoJack Horseman, you can also get (early) excited for a movie due for release in 2020, that looks absolutely awesome already. The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle will see Rami playing the part of Chee-Chee the gorilla, alongside Ralph Fiennes as a tiger, Tom Holland as a dog, and Selena Gomez as a giraffe called Betsy. The adventure-comedy-action movie will also see Robert Downey Jr. playing the leading role of Doctor Dolittle, and Michael Sheen and Antonio Banderas are also on the cast list. It looks like it might be a really good watch! 

15 – Lucky Blue Smith 

This guy’s a model, in case you didn’t already know that, and has been signed to an agency since before he was a teenager. 12 years of age to be exact. He’s also an actor and a musician when he’s not taking the Instagram world by storm, and you may also recall seeing him in advertising campaigns for huge designer names. These include H&M, Calvin Klein, Tom Ford, Tommy Hilfiger, and many more. Also appearing in various fashion magazines, including Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, and GQ, Lucky Blue Smith is someone that you’ll definitely want to check out Instagram. 

Top 20 Hottest Guys in the World 2018-2019 15

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16 – Harry Styles 

He’s another familiar face on hottest men lists, but, once again, it’s not just looks that projects this guy to the forefront of everyone’s minds. Not just content with taking the world over as one-fifth of the original One Direction (and now just one-fourth after the departure of Zayn Malik), Harry is also very heavily involved with a number of charitable organisations. Not only is he a keen advocate for strict gun control laws in the United States, but he also campaigns for gender equality and supports the LGBT community. Not only that, he has worked with other organisations to provide water wells for needy communities in India, donated his hair for a charity to make wigs for children suffering from the effects of cancer and the treatment of it, and also supports various other causes. 

Top 20 Hottest Guys in the World 2018-2019 16

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If we didn’t love him before, we definitely do now. Great hair, a beautiful face, and a charitable soul? What’s not to swoon over? 

17 – Justin Bieber 

It seems as though Justin Bieber has been relatively quiet lately, but then again, we have recently seen him get engaged to Hailey Baldwin. Perhaps he’s just basking in the newly-engaged glory? He sure has had his fair share of ups and downs — ups in terms of his incredible music career, but downs in terms of run-ins with the law, but perhaps this young starlet has all grown up and has decided to turn things around? One thing is for sure, we definitely appreciate his music. Hands up if you can’t wait for the next JB tune to drop! 

Top 20 Hottest Guys in the World 2018-2019 17

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18 – Tom Holland 

22-year-old London-born actor, Tom Holland, is better known for his part in movies such as Captain America: Civil War, Spider-Man: Homecoming, and Avengers: Infinity War, but it would appear that the superhero role isn’t the only one that this fine young chap can play. He’s joining Rami Malek in the 2020 movie The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle, and there’s also Spies in Disguise coming out in 2019. The latter is an animated movie in which Tom offers his voice as the part of Walter Beckett. There’s also another Spider-Man movie coming out next year, and another Avengers movie. We’re not excited about those at all … 

(We totally are!) 

Top 20 Hottest Guys in the World 2018-2019 18

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19 – Michael Ealy

45-year-old American actor Michael Ealy is known for some pretty big movies across the twenty-plus years in which he’s been an actor. Recently, you’ll have spotted him in The Intruder with Dennis Quaid, but he hadn’t been that active on the movie filming circuit for a while. His last movie before that point was in 2015. 

That doesn’t mean he’s been entirely quiet, of course. It would appear that he’s since branched out into the TV world a little more, with three main character roles under his belt in that time. 2019 looks like it might be a good year for him, too. Jacob’s Ladder is one movie that you’ll need to keep your eyes open for, a psychological horror movie that will also star Jesse Williams, that looks like it might be a real spooker! 

Top 20 Hottest Guys in the World 2018-2019 19

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20 – Nick Jonas 

Some might argue that Nick Jonas should be number one on this list, but we’ve done it in no particular order, so we hope you don’t take offence to our positioning. This 26-year-old is so much more than just an actor. He’s also a record producer, and a singer-songwriter, and many of us will remember his days as one half of the Jonas Brothers. He’s been branching out into films a lot recently, and there are not one, not two, but three movies coming out in 2019 starring him. 

Keep your eyes peeled for Chaos Walking, a sci-fi movie that’s also starring Tom Holland, Daisy Ridley, and Kurt Sutter; UglyDolls, along with Kelly Clarkson; and Midway, a historical action drama film that brings Nick together with Mandy Moore, Patrick Wilson, and Woody Harrelson. 

Top 20 Hottest Guys in the World 2018-2019 20

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As always, please feel free to let us know if you think we’ve left anyone important out of this list. With so many male icons in the celebrity world, with so many different accomplishments under their belt, it’s hard to narrow it down to just 20. Shout out what you think of our results below!