How to Dream About Someone

By on January 15, 2017

Have you ever felt the urge to dream about someone in particular? You want them to arrive at a moment when you’re the most comfortable, most relaxed, and when anything can happen. There’s no telling what could happen in your dream, but you want them to be in it either way; but how can someone ensure that a certain person will show up in their dreams? With a few simple tips and tricks you can be one step away from drifting off to dreamland with that special someone by your side.

The first thing you need to do is practice or enhance your lucid dreaming skills. Lucid dreams are dreams that happen and the person realizes they are asleep and not in reality. After acknowledging this you can begin manipulating your dreams, to the point where certain situations and individuals can be a part of them.



The most important thing you can do to ensure someone arrives in your dream is to think about them often. From the moment you wake up in the morning until the time you fall asleep (and especially when you’re drifting off to sleep) this person should be on your mind. Make it a priority to think about them constantly throughout the day so you can mentally prepare your mind to think about this individual even when you’re dreaming. It’s also imperative that you are completely calm throughout the process. If you’re stressed out or anxious while thinking about this person, then the dream may not occur, and if it does, it may not turn out the way you want it to.


During your lucid dream, the easiest and quickest way to have an individual arrive in your dream is to simply ask for them. If there are other people in your dream, go right up to them and ask them if they have seen the person in question, and if they can go get them for you. Have the belief that the person will go get the person you want after you ask. You could also try telling them to get that person directly.


Another really easy way to get someone in your dream is to go look for them. In your dream, if you see a place where the individual would often go- for instance their workplace, home, gym, or another spot they are often attending or love to go to- enter that location and find them. Only do this if the place is nearby, within walking distance in your dream. If you have to fly to the location you may end up getting distracted by something else and losing your lucidity altogether.



Want someone to show up in your dream? Just ask! During your dream you need to hold out your hand and say “___, take my hand”. Sometimes the individual will appear and grab on to your hand the moment after you say that.


While you’re dreaming, if there is a door nearby you should go and check to see if the person for is behind it. You should have the idea in your head that the person WILL be located right behind the door. If someone else answers the door, ask that person if the individual you are looking for is there.


On the other hand, if you see any corners in your dream, look around the corner with the expectation that whoever you want to see will be around the corner waiting for you. It’s a quick and easy trick but it tends to work often.


One thing you can try to do while you’re having a lucid dream is to imagine a location or scene in your head where the individual will be. This particular way of dreaming about someone requires a lot of effort, so it’s typically not a first choice especially if you’re new to the lucid dream game.



When you are lucid dreaming, try spinning around for about 5-10 seconds. While you’re spinning, think about the place and the people you want to see when you are done spinning. After the 5-10 seconds is over, stop spinning and your scene should appear.


One important way to succeed in dreaming about someone is to make sure you stay calm the ENTIRE time. It is even more important to remain calm when you see the person you are trying to dream about. Don’t run up to them or try to sneak up behind them. Don’t be nervous or scared when you see them. All you need to do is remain completely calm and be happy to see this individual. If you don’t remain calm, that person may leave your dream or the situation could be bad.


Lucid dreaming is hard and requires a decent amount of time and effort to really get it going. The best piece of advice anyone could give you is to keep trying! Even if you don’t succeed for the first couple of tries, it doesn’t mean it won’t happen in the future. Keep using all of your priming techniques and eventually you should get to the point where dreaming about someone is a rather simple task.


Before you try to dream about someone remember that you first need to know how to manipulate lucid dreams. If you need more information about lucid dreaming and how to lucid dream, there is plenty of information on the web. Once you’re confident that you know when you’re lucid dreaming and you can slightly manipulate your dreams, then you can try these tricks to dream about someone

Didn’t know dreaming about someone could be possible- and so simple, right? Have you ever used lucid dreaming techniques to dream about someone? If so, did you use one of the above mentioned techniques? Share with us your stories.