14 Signs He’s Just Not That Into You

By on February 3, 2017

When you really like a guy and you’re dying to take it to the next level with him, it can be hard to feel optimistic when he is sending you tell-tale signs that he really isn’t that into you. After all, when a guy IS in fact interested in you, you will definitely know it. But if he isn’t? You can rest assured he will be doing any of these 14 signs he’s just not that into you.

He Never Texts/Calls First

If you’re always the one having to send the first text message or making the phone calls (which he probably only answers half the time- if that), then he definitely isn’t interested in you. Trust me- when a guy likes you, he will be dying to talk to you as much as he can, and won’t be afraid to make the first move because he actually wants to know more about you and find out how you’re doing.

His Replies are Short

We all know those texts: You send: ‘Hey, what’s up?’ and they respond: ‘Nm’. It is probably one of the most annoying things ever, isn’t it? I mean, here you are trying to start a conversation and they don’t even have the decency to even try and continue the convo. If you’re getting super short replies every single time you guys talk, then he isn’t engaging with you and he’s definitely not into you. Granted some guys don’t like to text, but even those who despise texting will give it their best effort for the girl they like.

He Doesn’t Ask About You

When you like someone, you want to get to know them, right? Well, if a man isn’t bothering to ask anything about you- whether it’s your favorite movie, how your day was, or how you’re enjoying you’re new job- then he certainly isn’t interested in you, in fact he doesn’t even care whatsoever.

He Doesn’t Open Up

So you don’t really know anything about him and he isn’t willing to share much detail about him or his life; what can you make of that? While there is a small bunch of people who have trouble sharing anything and like to keep almost everything a secret, the majority of individuals are willing to share with the one they like. So if you find yourself completely oblivious to who he is and what his life is all about, he isn’t sharing for a reason- he isn’t interested enough to share it with you.

You Hardly Talk

As mentioned before, it is only natural to want to talk to the person you like 24/7. You want to bond with them, learn about them, and simply enjoy their company whether it’s true a text message or a phone call. But he barely talks to you? He never calls? It could take hours before he replies to the smallest text? Um, yeah. Sorry, girls, but that simply shows a lack of interest on a very big level.

He Never Has Time to Hang Out

Everyone is busy in their lives, but everyone will make time in their busy schedules to see the one they like. If he is always busy and takes days or even weeks to set up a date or even simply a hang out time with you, then he’s simply not interested in you and doesn’t even want to be around you.

He Flirts with Everyone

Ever notice that the man you have your eye on is constantly flirting with everyone? And he even flirts with other women in front of you? Ladies, if a man is truly interested in you he is NOT going to spend any of his time or attention on another woman, especially in front of you where you can see it! Any man that’s flirting around openly, not caring what you think or how it makes you feel, is definitely not interested.

He Doesn’t Get Jealous

Everyone gets jealous when they see the person they like flirting or checking out someone else; it’s only natural. But if you notice that the guy you like could care less if you made out with another man in front of him, well, I hate to tell you but he simply doesn’t care. He isn’t interested in you, and therefore it doesn’t bother him if you get intimate or just simply flirt with other men in front of him.

He Doesn’t Introduce You to Friends or Family Members

The only reason why a man won’t introduce you to his friends or family members is simply this: he is not serious about you. At all. He doesn’t want to invest in a deep relationship with you. I mean, don’t expect him to do this right away; but if you’ve been waiting for months and nothing has happened, then you need to let him go and find someone who wants to get serious and have you around the people he loves the most.

He Talks About Other Women

If this isn’t a sure fire sign he is not interested in you, then I don’t know what it is. Think about it: why on earth would a man that likes you bring up other women he likes? That’s just ridiculous, and it is something that just plain doesn’t happen. If you hear him talk about other girls in front of you and hear him even say he likes one of them, he is DEFINITELY not interested in you, and you need to ditch that crush right away.

He’s Constantly Texting/Messaging Other Women

There is nothing more annoying than someone on their phone when you’re around them, especially when they take forever to respond to you. If he’s busy messaging other girls the entire time you guys hang out, it’s a sure sign he’s not interested.

He Only Wants Sex

Forget about any emotional attachment; the second you guys are together he is trying to make a move, and if you don’t respond the way he wants, he most likely ends the date early. Yeah, this guy isn’t interested in who you are, only what you have underneath your clothing.

But He Doesn’t Touch You in Public

This kind of man doesn’t want anyone to know he’s ‘with’ you, because he wants to make sure all the girls around knows he is single and ready to mingle. If he is distant with you in public and avoids any kind of PDA, then he’s looking for someone else.

You Just Know

Sometimes your intuition can just tell you he isn’t interested in you. Perhaps it is the way he talks to you, how his body language is, or some other hint that gives it away. If you’re feeling like he isn’t interested in you, talk to him about it or simply move on to find someone who truly engages in you and wants to go for something serious and long-lasting; you deserve it!

Ladies, have you ever been with a guy who just wasn’t interested in you? How did you know he wasn’t interested? Share your stories with us!