30 Trendy Crochet Braid Hairstyles

By on August 19, 2015

Curly hair is cool, chic and trendy! And believe it or not, there are lots of hairstyles to consider for your voluminous locks. Crochet braids for example, are ideal. They’ll give your style a cool shape, not to mention that the hair will appear neat and fresh. Own your curls and let them be free. Wear your hairstyle up in a ponytail, on the side or down and pair it with the chicest outfit. Sometimes all you need to make yourself look good is a fine cut and some lipstick. Be confident, you have gorgeous hair!

1. Heart-Shaped Crochet Braid Style

crochet braid hairstyle_1

via Pinterest/curlsunderstood

Check out this amazing crochet braids with a middle parting! The style’s heart shape gives the hairdo a hint of romance. Do you want to feel confident at a social gathering but you can’t pick a hairstyle? Look no further and go for this bold curly hair. It is without a doubt amazing!

2. Crochet Braid Style with Side Parting

crochet braid hairstyle_2

via Pinterest/curkalon

This interesting crochet braided style with a side parting looks neat. The curls start at the roots and they extend all the way to the ends. For an added effect you could opt for a fabulous lipstick color, such as deep red or cherry. This should be enough to turn people’s heads on the street.

3. Endless Braids

crochet braid hairstyle_3

via Instagram/endlesshair

Give a twist to your average crochet braids and straighten them out a bit. Use a brush to make the hairdo appear more voluminous and you’ll absolutely love the end result. Own your natural hair and feel like the most confident woman.

4. Curly Crochet Braids

crochet braid hairstyle_4

via Pinterest/darnice greene

We love curls because they add a touch of romance to any type of hairstyle. This hairdo screams sophistication and elegance. Wear it on a daily basis with a casual outfit, or switch it up and put on a little black dress. You will look amazing anyway.

5. Curly with Bangs

crochet braid hairstyle_5

via Pinterest/blackhairinformation

Do you have a prominent forehead and you’d like to hide it? Then you could opt for this amazing crochet braid hairstyle. It is voluminous and trendy, perfect for a night out with the girls. To give a beautiful shape to your curls you should use a bit of hairspray, or mousse. This way you’ll be able to enjoy it for an extended period of time.

6. Oversized Crochet Braids

crochet braid hairstyle_6

via Pinterest/hairstyleforblackwomen

These oversized crochet braids are fabulous. Wear the hairstyle at an extravagant party and let everyone admire your beautiful features. If your face has an oval shape, then you could opt for a middle parting to make the hairdo appear even more sophisticated.

7. Short Brown Braids

crochet braid hairstyle_7

via Instagram/alottaluv3

Just because you have the shortest hair it doesn’t mean you can’t have crochet braids. You can, and believe it or not the style may actually look really chic. Opt for a layered fringe too, just to give the hairstyle an edgier appeal.

8. Perfectly Layered Crochet Braids

crochet braid hairstyle_8

via Instagram/blackhairmag

When combed crochet braids blend together and they become more fluid. The hairstyle is super sleek and elegant, so you should definitely consider it for a party or elegant event.

9. Short Bob with Middle Parting

crochet braid hairstyle_9

via Instagram/ladymuir

We love this short bob with a parting in the middle and braids on the sides. It’s so cool and romantic! Let your curls bounce and feel proud of your frizzy hair.

10. Different Styles

crochet braid hairstyle_10

via Instagram/janet_hair

Wear your crochet braids in three different ways and add variation to your every day hairstyle. Opt for a half updo during the hot season and leave it natural and with a middle parting for colder nights. If you want to feel sexy, wear your braids on one side only.

11. Stunning Crochet Braid Style with Sided Fringe

crochet braid hairstyle_11

via Instagram/mrs_jaemitchell

Oversized crochet braids have conquered the Internet. The curls are big and voluminous, and it looks like the women rocking this hairstyle feel more confident than ever before. Check out the beauty in the above photo, doesn’t she look amazing?

12. Short Fro with Bouncy Curls

crochet braid hairstyle_12

via Instagram/glammednaturally

If you love crochet braids but your hair is too short, you could opt for thinner braids. These look so sleek and elegant! To make the locks appear even more fabulous, use hair oil for added glow.

13. Purple Hues

crochet braid hairstyle_13

via Instagram/midnightmaradha

Wear your crochet braids in an updo, and for an added effect opt for a couple of purple strands. The style is practical and effortless, perfect for the hot summer season too.

14. Long Crochet Braids

crochet braid hairstyle_14

via Instagram/beautybynancye

If you’re tired of the old-fashioned type of crochet braids, maybe it’s time to test the twisted variant. They look so chic and elegant, not to mention that they’re incredibly easy to make too. These curls are ideal on a healthy, long type of hair.

15. Reddish Crochet Braid Hairstyle

crochet braid hairstyle_15

via Pinterest/shorthaircutsforblackwomen

Ombre is a hair color mix that doesn’t seem to go anywhere this season. Voluminous hair works best with crochet braids, and believe it or not crochet braids look great with the ombre effect too. Check out this amazing dark red with light red combination. It’s fierce!

16. Purplicious 

crochet braid hairstyle_16via Instagram/kyrashemedleys

It’s the season of unusual hair colors, and purple is definitely one of them. These fabulous crochet braids look surreal; they’re perfectly curled which means they will instantly grab attention. If this is what you want, then the hairdo should do the trick.

17. Short and Chic

crochet braid hairstyle_17

via Instagram/natural_teen

Crochet braids can be worn by women with really short hair too. Check out this amazing hairdo! We love the “frizziness”; it makes the woman wearing it appear cheeky and urban-like.

18. One-Sided Crochet Braid Hairstyle

crochet braid hairstyle_18

via Instagram/starstuddedwigsandstyles

Add a twist to your average crochet hairstyle and turn all your hair on one side. Leave the curls but make sure that the bare part of the head is combed thoroughly. Use hair clips to hold the hair and define the parting to make the hairdo appear romantic and appealing.

19. Crochet Braid Updo with Shaved Sides

crochet braid hairstyle_19

via Instagram/getfussy

Do you feel bold and beautiful today? Are you up for a challenge? If you fancy crochet braids then you might want to opt for this cool hairdo. The head is shaved on one of the sides, and the color of the braids is purple. Now that’s a bit insane wouldn’t you agree?

20. Bouncy Braids

crochet braid hairstyle_20

via Instagram/ajoytomakeuup

These small-sized crochet braids add sophistication to a rather simple outfit. Easy to style with a little hairspray, the hairdo is perfect for business women with barely any time to do their hair in the morning.

21. Crochet Braids with Half Updo

crochet braid hairstyle_21

via Instagram/da1andonlydebs

Long crochet braids are so easy to style. Basically your options are endless because the hair is long and flexible. Opt for a half updo with a parting in the middle and let your hair shine.

22. Short Bob with Middle Parting

crochet braid hairstyle_22

via Instagram/brown_pearl2412

A great idea for a crochet braid hairstyle is the short bob with a middle parting. It looks polished, clean and really elegant too. Wear it at work or at a fancy party and you’ll feel like a million dollars.

23. Effortless Crochet Braids

crochet braid hairstyle_23

via Instagram/thecrochetplaceja

Do you fancy the short bob? Do you want it but you’ve never dared to try it because of your curly hair? Well now you can have it in the form of a crochet braid hairstyle.

24. Wet Look

crochet braid hairstyle_24

via Instagram/mystyluv

Incorporate the wet look into the crochet braid hairstyle and give a twist to your everyday hairdo. For a great effect you should use hair oil; this way you protect your locks from outside elements too.

25. Voluminous Crochet Braid Hairstyle

crochet braid hairstyle_25

via Instagram/kokoclay

A voluminous crochet braid hairstyle might be exactly what you need to make yourself feel more confident. Let your hair steal the show at a party or gathering with friends, and wear it big. Be confident, be beautiful!

26. Perfect Braids

crochet braid hairstyle_26

via Instagram/phirstladey

How do you get perfect braids? Easy – with a little hairspray or mousse. Although make sure you don’t exaggerate. For your curly hair to appear chic it has to remain looking clean. Give it a twist and opt for a sided fringe, or parting.

27. Loose Crochet Curls with Side Parting

crochet braid hairstyle_27

via Instagram/naturallychea

These loose crochet braids are perfect for the hot summer season. They’re bouncy and playful, which is exactly what you need when you’re trying to look effortless.

28. Ombre Effect

crochet braid hairstyle_28

via Instagram/protectivestyles

Make your crochet braids look fabulous by changing your hair color. Opt for a nuance that is similar to your natural hair, and give the style an alluring ombre effect. To complement the look, opt for nude makeup which will soften your face features.

29. Thick Crochet Braids

crochet braid hairstyle_29

via Instagram/hairbyladybelle

A lot of women have thick hair that is extremely difficult to style. Are you going through a similar situation? Then you should opt for crochet braids. The style presented in the picture is neat and elegant, perfect for women preparing for a luxurious party.

30. Extra Long Crochet Braids

crochet braid hairstyle_30

via Instagram/prettyhurts

Really long, curly hair can be difficult to control and maintain in good condition . If you want to look gorgeous all day long, this braided crochet hairdo might be exactly what you need. For an added wow effect, consider a side parting.

Crochet braids are fabulous for women with curly hair.Basically, the style is the perfect solution to an uncontrollable hairdo. These braids are so easy to make, and you won’t wake up in the morning looking all sloppy and careless anymore. Whether you have really long or really short hair, crochet braids can work for you superbly. Have a closer look at the 30 styles we mentioned above and draw your inspiration from there.


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      If you are interested in matching one of these styles, then it would be best to take the picture to a local salon and get their advice. It is certain that they will have the experience and ideas that would make your hairstyle come to life. Reach out to the people in your area and go from there.

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      I am not sure, but there might be some on a hair stylist/hair products website. If you just want a crochet hook to make your own braids, you can always find them at a craft store.

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