Top 100 Cute Love Poems for Him

By on February 12, 2016

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Many young women obsess about being an ideal girlfriend to the perfect guy. Men on the other hand, are happy with the mere thought of having someone by their side. However, regardless of the situation, it is important to keep in mind that men have souls too. They too want to be loved, admired, and appreciated. For them, respect is paramount and most men are feel really good when they know that the women next to them are kind, loving, sensitive, and compassionate. The say romance is gone, although that’s not entirely true. There are still men out there who find great value in the power of a love poem. Here are 100 amazing love poems for him. Dazzle him with the following lyrics and win his heart forever.

 Love Poem No. 1

love poem_01

Sometimes this is everything a man wants to hear; that he’s loved and you care about him more than anything else in the world. Do something special for your boyfriend and write him this short poem on a note. He’ll definitely feel special when he reads it.

Love Poem No. 2

love poem_02

Men are not that good at expressing their feelings. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean they don’t care. Women on the other hand, are great at letting their inner emotions out on the surface. If you’re feeling blue, and you’d like to remind your loved one how deep your love it, then write him the poem above.

Love Poem No. 3

love poem_03


Show your significant other just how much you care for him with this beautiful love poem. Put your heart on the table and let your mind run loose. Express your deepest feelings and don’t be afraid to dream. Together you can conquer all.

Love Poem No. 4

love poem_04

If you haven’t told your boyfriend how much he means to you, now it would the time to say it: I Love You. Those three magical words wrapped in a soothing poem will definitely make him the happiest man alive. Make each other the happiest and live happily ever after.

Love Poem No. 5

love poem_05

Every now and then men want to hear love words too. They want their women to speak their mind and show them that romance is not dead. The poem above is erotic, soothing and most importantly, touching. It will touch his heart and soul, and he’ll finally get that your the best woman for him.

Love Poem No. 6

love poem_06

Believe it or not, sometimes the shortest poem can go a very long way. The right mix of words mixed with soothing rhymes will instantly appeal to the heart of your loved one. Together you’re everything, so you’d better make the most of every second spent together.


Love Poem No. 7

love poem_07

Relationships are all about love, support, compromise and risk. Be willing to take a chance at love and read the above poem out loud to your significant other. He will finally realize that he’d got the best woman by his side; a woman that will be there for him no matter what.

Love Poem No. 8

love poem_08

Love makes us do crazy, irrational and inexplicable things. If you’re fond of someone but don’t have the guts to tell them, write them poem above. It will instantly send the right signals, and before you know there might even be a love story shaping up.

Love Poem No. 9

love poem_09

Loves is simple; in theory. The truth is, it’s not that easy to make a relationship out of a connection. If you really want to connect to someone, tell them what’s on your mind. Recite them the poem above and they’ll learn to trust and love you even more. Men may not be that sentimental, but they do love to hear a beautiful poem told from the bottom of your heart.

Love Poem No. 10

love poem_10

Do you believe in soul mates? Because you should; we all should. There’s someone out there for everyone. If you care for him but don’t know how to say it, read the poem above and whisper it in their ear. They’ll love it.

Love Poem No. 11

love poem_11

Women love romance; and they shouldn’t hesitate to use their words to express the affection they have for someone they like. If you’re trying to win his heart, this gripping poem will help you succeed.

Love Poem No. 12

love poem_12

Tell your husband or boyfriend just how much you love him. Your feelings are reserved for him, and the best way to do that is by writing him a poem. The right words can make him believe that there’s no other woman like you on Earth.

Love Poem No. 13

love poem_13

Is there someone you like but don’t have the courage to say anything because you’re short on words? Does he make you become speechless each time he walks by? Maybe the poem above can convince him that sometimes dreams do come true.

Love Poem No. 14

love poem_14

As human beings we cannot live without affection. Let the love of your life influence you, make you a better person, and you’ll be the happiest you’ve ever been. The poem above will let him know that your feelings are immortal, and that together you can conquer everything.

Love Poem No. 15

love poem_15

This beautiful poem emphasizes the importance of a kiss in a relationship. It marks the beginning of romance and your loved one should know that it was perfect. Don’t be shy and recite it out loud, so that your boyfriend or husband can understand how much you cherish that moment.

Love Poem No. 16

love poem_16

Never give up on love and always be there for one another. This poem is incredibly romantic and erotic at the same time. It’s all about caring for the person sitting next to you with all your heart. Can you do that for the man you love? Then tell him!

Love Poem No. 17

love poem_17

Leave a note on the nightstand with the lyrics mentioned in the photo above, and your’re loved one will be sure that your affection is forever. The poem is so soothing and at the same time, striking. It is about dreaming that love is the answer to everything.

Love Poem No. 18

love poem_18

Sometimes love takes us by surprise. You don’t want it but life throws it in your face. If he’s the one you’ve been waiting for your entire life, then you shouldn’t let him leave – not now, not ever.

Love Poem No. 19

love poem_19

If he’s your hero, you have to tell him. Use this poem to entice him and let him know that he’s everything you ever wanted. Let yourself adored by him and you’ll get that adoration back in triple form. Enjoy it!

Love Poem No. 20

love poem_20

Love and passion go hand in hand. In separate form they have two very different meanings. Together, they emphasize wholeness. Share the best and worst moments with your loved one, and build an unbreakable bond. The poem we just mentioned will help you make the connection you share even stronger.

Love Poem No. 21

love poem_21

Losing the person you love most in this life is tough. And yet, somehow we must learn to deal with it and move on. Don’t be sad and think about him with affection each time you look at his photo. Remember – he would have wanted you to be happy, so get up and put on a big bright smile for the world to see.

Love Poem No. 22

love poem_22

Do you miss him but you don’t know how to say it in plain words? Then maybe a poem can toughen you up and give you the courage to express your feelings. Swallow your pride and give yourself a chance at happiness close to the man you adore.

Love Poem No. 23

love poem_23


Life can be so unpredictable sometimes. Crazy things happen when we least expect them to happen. Let the wind sweep you away and take you closer to that someone you love from the bottom of your heart. Don’t put any pressure on life; good things will happen as long as you stay calm and positive.

Love Poem No. 24

love poem_24

Are you in love with a stranger? Then you should take a risk and tell him what you feel. Use this soothing poem if you can’t find the right words to say, and he might just be the one you’ve been waiting for.

Love Poem No. 25

love poem_25

Make him crave you even more with this beautiful love poem. Spike things up in your relationship and find innovative ways to tighten the bond you two share.

Love Poem No. 26

love poem_26

Women are tough to understand, and your significant other should find a way to cope and even appreciate your madness. Just be yourself and let him discover the real you.

Love Poem No. 27

love poem_27

In a relationship it’s fundamental to have a beautiful intimate connection. After years and years of marriage, that can be tough to achieve. Let your words spice things up, and your loved will have a better understanding of the words “wholeness” and “togetherness”.

Love Poem No. 28

love poem_28

How much do you miss him? Express that feeling in pure words and write him a poem. He will surely be enticed by the meaning of those touching words “craving the touch of your familiar fingertips”.

Love Poem No. 29

love poem_29

Is he your “shining star”? Then you might want to tell him. But then again, if you can’t find the right words to express your feelings and deepest emotions, this poem should serve as the best inspiration.

Love Poem No. 30

love poem_30

Nothing can break apart two soul mates. If he’s the one for you, then nobody can break you apart. Let him know that you’re his best friend and lover; and that your destiny is to be together.

Love Poem No. 31

love poem_31

Let your loved one take away all your insecurities, and you’ll feel a lot better. Men love to protect their women; this is a clear sign of love and affection. The poem above will help you let your guard down and express your feelings loud and clear.

Love Poem No. 32

love poem_32

Saying “I love you” to the person you care most about can something be extremely difficult. Instead, you could express your feelings with a beautiful poem. Let him know just how much you care for him, and that those three little words mean the world to you.

Love Poem No. 33

love poem_33

You’ve lost the person you loved most, but that doesn’t mean you should forget him. If you want him back, this poem might help you out. It is enticing, catchy and with a bit of luck, you might actually get him back. The lyrics are incredibly touching and meaningful.

Love Poem No. 34

love poem_34

We need love to feel human; there’s no doubt about that. If you feel that it’s time to renew your vows and tell your husband that your feelings are stronger than ever, recite him the poem above and the bond you two share will become stronger than ever.

Love Poem No. 35

love poem_35

Men are not that good at expressing their feelings. But they do love to hear them. Don’t be shy and recite him this poem. It will instantly melt his heart.

Love Poem No. 36

love poem_36

If the man sleeping next to you is the love of your life, then you’d better tell them before it’s too late. Share what you feel and he’ll be sure that the woman sleeping next to him is The One.

Love Poem No. 37

love poem_37

In order to be able to love someone, you have to love yourself first. However some people care more about that someone than they care about themselves. If that’s you, then tell your significant other that they mean the world to you.

Love Poem No. 38

love poem_38

Men are not that good at expressing their feelings like women. With this poem, you’ll help him leave his guard down and share what he truly feels. The lyrics above will show him that you’re patient, and that you don’t have an issue waiting for him to open his heart.

Love Poem No. 39


love poem_39

Love takes us by surprise. Sometimes we fall in love without even realizing it. The poem we mentioned is living proof that you’e fallen for him and that what you feel is true and genuine.

Love Poem No. 40

love poem_40

Love is about who you are when you are together; the things you do together and the common habits you share. Love goes through your whole body. Try to express your feelings over words and gestures. If you don’t know how to express your feelings, write him the poem above, and try to discover each other.

Love Poem No. 41

love poem_41

This poem is about understanding each other, support and commitment. It’s a sign that you want a stable relationship and that you’re prepared to express your feelings of love and devotion.

Love Poem No. 42

love poem_42

You can’t buy happiness and love; you need to feel and express these feelings in order to be the happiest. Make him understand through this poem that he means the world to you, and that you’ll always be there for him.

Love Poem No. 43

love poem_43

Outer beauty does not compare with inner beauty. Write him this poem, so that he can appreciate that you don’t love him for his appearance, but for his kind soul and deep emotions.

Love Poem No. 44

love poem_44

This alluring and touching poem will prove to him that he’s all you need; that every word he says and every gesture he makes are everything you need to feel the happiest woman on earth. Nothing else matters as long as he’s there to hold your hand.

Love Poem No. 45

love poem_45

Show him how much you love him reciting him the lyrics above. Put your heart out there and don’t be afraid to express your feelings. Trust that he’ll love you for eternity.

Love Poem No. 46

love poem_46

Love can conquer all. It is everything you need in this life to be happy and fulfilled. Make your loved ones feel in seventh heaven and dedicate him this poem to showcase your adoration and admiration. Have hope that no matter what happens, together you’ll be fine; you’ll get over everything life throws at you.

Love Poem No. 47

love poem_47

Physical love is so intimate and personal. If you want to express your feelings but you can’t, write him the poem above. It will melt his heart away, and it will convince him that you’re the right woman for him.

Love Poem No. 48

love poem_48

Love is all about mixed feelings; sometimes it can bring happiness, and other times it brings suffering and deception. This poem will let him know that he lost something precious, and that no matter what he does, he won’t be able to get it back.

Love Poem No. 49

love poem_49

There’s no escape from love, and sometimes it gets to you when you least expect it. Open your soul to love and stop looking for a remedy. Admit that you’re in love with him and give yourself a chance at pure love and adoration. If you can’t say it with words, use the above mentioned poem and he’ll surely be impressed.

Love Poem No. 50


love poem_50

When we fall in love we hope for the feeling to last forever. Show much much you care and write him a lovely poem for this Valentine’s Day. Do something new this year and always remember that a small gesture can go a very long way.

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