Top 100 Braided Hairstyles

By on March 16, 2014

Braided hairstyles are fun, feminine, and always in style. Braids can update even the simplest of hairstyles, and with the astounding variety of styles to choose from, you’re certain to find a braided hairstyle that suits your personal style and hair type. We’ve compiled a list of our Top 100 Braided Hairstyles, with fabulous hairdos worn by the hottest female celebs. Get inspired by celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence, Carey Mulligan, Blake Lively, Kim Kardashian, and many more, and find a fantastic new hairstyle for spring/autumn !

1. Karolina Kurkova Braided Hairstyle: Simple & sexy side braid


Czech model Karolina Kurkova looks gorgeous with her simple, sexy side braid. Her thick, golden blonde locks have been plaited in a loose three-strand braid that starts at the nape of her neck, creating a gorgeous casual braided hairstyle. To recreate Karolina’s sexy hairstyle, start by teasing hair at the crown. Create a shallow side-parting and a side-swept fringe, and then plait your hair loosely, securing the end with a transparent hair tie.

2. Jennifer Lawrence Braided Hairstyle: Heavenly halo braid 


Award-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence looks divine with her heavenly halo braid and long, wispy bangs. The halo braid is simple, feminine, and a great everyday hairstyle for spring. There are several different ways to create a halo braid, so do a bit of research and find an online “how to” tutorial that gives you step-by-step instructions. Jen’s halo braid can be recreated at home by dividing hair equally at the back, and braiding each section separately. The two sections are then pulled forward above the ear and across the crown, and secured to form a gorgeous halo.

3. Dianne Kruger Braided Hairstyle: Loose, tousled side braid


German-born actress Dianne Kruger keeps her look simple with a loose, tousled side braid. This braided hairstyle is perfect for medium-length, thin/fine hair, as the waves and messy layers create the illusion of fuller, thicker locks. To recreate Dianne’s pretty braided hairstyle, braid your hair very loosely, and use a section of your own hair to secure the braid for a chic finishing touch.

4. Kim Kardashian Braided Hairstyle: Messy fishtail plait


Reality TV star Kim Kardashian looks smoking hot with her raven locks in a messy fishtail plait. The fishtail plait/braid is an intricate and feminine braided hairstyle, and it’s a great look for both casual and formal events. Create a messy plait and keep plenty of face-framing layers of hair loose for a sexy finishing touch. Indulge in a hot oil hair treatment once a week to keep your long locks glossy and healthy.

5. Blake Lively Braided Hairstyle: Romantic braided up’do


Gossip Girl actress and fashionista Blake Lively looks gorgeous with her romantic braided up’do. We love the soft, wispy texture of her hair and the way her braid blends effortlessly into her wheat blonde locks. Little braids can update any hairstyle, and they are extremely versatile. Secure your braids with subtle hairpins or a pretty hair clip, and leave a few flyaway hairs loose for a touch of whimsy.

6. Molly Sims Braided Hairstyle: Half-up with halo braid


American model and actress Molly Sims looks divine with her half-up hairdo and a thin halo braid. Her thick, dark blonde locks fall about her shoulders in subtle waves, and her middle parting keeps stray hairs out of her face. To recreate Molly’s casual braided hairstyle at home, pull your hair back into a half-up hairdo, and then braid a section of hair from behind one ear. Drape the braid across your crown, and secure it behind your other ear to create a pretty, delicate halo braid.

7. Bella Thorne Braided Hairstyle: Ponytail with braided detail


Teen model and actress Bella Thorne dresses up her simple ponytail with a cute braided detail halfway down her shimmery red locks. This cute and unexpected embellishment makes her hairstyle contemporary and flirty, and we simply love the overall look. Choose a low ponytail and curl the ends of your locks for some understated glamour.

8. Minka Kelly Braided Hairstyle: Regal halo braid


Actress Minka Kelly looks divine with her regal halo braid and a sparkly laurel wreath-inspired hairpiece. Pairing hair accessories with braids can make the difference between a good hairstyle and a fantastic one. Look out for hair slides, clips, pins, and hairbands that complement your braided hairstyle. You could even weave a flower or two into your braids for a beautiful boho look.

9. Carey Mulligan Braided Hairstyle: Micro fishtail braid 


English actress Carey Mulligan looks utterly adorable with a micro fishtail plait in her short blonde tresses. Braided bangs are trending this year, and they suit almost any hairstyle and hair type. Simply braid your bangs and pin them to one side – super easy! Create multiple braids from your bangs for extra impact.

10. Joan Smalls Braided Hairstyle: Thick, glamorous fishtail plait


Puerto Rican fashion model Joan Smalls looks smoking hot with her thick, glamorous fishtail plait and metallic chandelier earrings. She wears her plait low and to the side, with her hair in a deep side parting. For a sleek and polished plait, smooth anti-frizz serum over your hair before plaiting it, and don’t brush it. Finish off this sultry look with smoky eye-makeup and nude lips.

 11. Lindsey Wixson Braided Hairstyle: Two-tone crown braid


American fashion model Lindsey Wixson looks striking with her thick, two-tone crown braid. Crown braids are also known as halo braids, although they tend to be worn a little further back on the head than halo braids. Wear your crown braid with a chic up’do for a feminine and regal look. If you’re wanting a more romantic look, opt for loose plaits, plenty of texture, and wispy flyaway hairs.

12. Jennifer Morrison Braided Hairstyle: Braided side bangs


American actress, model, and film producer Jennifer Morrison looks beautiful with her braided side bangs and long, loose golden locks. The tiny braided detail gives her simple hairstyle an extra touch of glamour, and we love the contrast between Jen’s smooth layers and her textured braid. To recreate this hairstyle, simply pull your bangs to one side, braid them, and then secure them with a discreet hairpin.

13. Amanda Seyfried Braided Hairstyle: Thick, messy side plait


Les Miserables actress and singer Amanda Seyfried looks stunning with her ash blonde locks in a thick, messy side plait. This is a great braided hairstyle for long, thick hair, as it tames wild locks whilst giving them some definition. If you don’t have naturally thick hair, try using volume boosting hair care products, and blow-dry your hair with a round brush. Alternatively, you could blow-dry your hair in big rollers for thick waves.

 14. Hilary Duff Braided Hairstyle: Untidy side-plait


Singer-songwriter and actress Hilary Duff mixes it up with an untidy side-plait and long, side-swept bangs. She shows us that messy needn’t be tacky – in fact, it’s fabulously chic. Create a loose plait, and weave some yarn or a sparkly piece of elastic through it for a contemporary edge. Keep your hair shiny and healthy for best results – try a clarifying shampoo to remove excess product buildup.

15. Dianna Agron Braided Hairstyle: Fishtail halo braid


Glee actress and singer Dianna Agron looks simply gorgeous with her intricate fishtail halo braid. This braided hairstyle is all about the texture – embrace fluff, frizz, and pretty, wispy flyaway hairs.  Create your fishtail halo braid the same way you would a normal braided hairstyle, and skip the anti-frizz serum for a natural and whimsical braided hairstyle with loads of texture.

16. Paris Hilton Braided Hairstyle: Quirky side-braided ‘do


Heiress and socialite Paris Hilton sports a quirky side-braided hairdo with smooth, ribbon-like curls. Her hair has been braided from her middle parting across her temple, keeping hair out of her face and accentuating her eyes. Keep your braids in place with some light hairspray, and curl the rest of your hair for a feminine and romantic braided hairstyle. Pair your girly hairdo with blue eyeliner and pretty pink lips, and you’re good to go!

17. Rihanna Braided Hairstyle: Fiery red medieval plait


Singer-songwriter Robyn “Rihanna” Fenty looks phenomenal with her fiery red, medieval-inspired plait. She rocks two side plaits and a super-long three-strand braid that reaches her waist. If you have very long, thick, and straight hair, this is a great braided hairstyle as it gives “same length” hair great definition, it’s striking, and very easy to style at home. Keep your hair super smooth whilst braiding by using a non-greasy anti-frizz serum.

18. Blake Lively Braided Hairstyle: Messy braid with flower accessory


Actress and fashionista Blake Lively looks superb with her messy braid and a floral hair accessory. Hair accessories can make simple hairstyles more interesting, so look out for pretty hair clips, slides, pins, and even fresh flowers to adorn your braided hairstyle. Layered textures give your hairstyle more depth, so try to contrast smooth, sweeping side bangs with a messy, textured plait.

19. Hayden Panettiere Braided Hairstyle: Chic halo/crown braid


Nashville actress Hayden Panettiere looks stunning with her chic halo/crown braid and romantic, flawless makeup. This braided up’do is simple yet undeniably stylish, and it’s perfect for formal occasions. Position your braid further away from your forehead for a classic and sophisticated look, and tame flyaway hairs and fuzz with a silicone-free, smoothing anti-frizz spray.

20. Julianne Hough Braided Hairstyle: Thick, textured halo braid


Safe Haven actress Julianne Hough looks divine with her thick, textured halo braid and a flirty, feminine up’do. Her hair has been braided directly from her hairline at her forehead, leaving her face open and free of pesky flyaway hairs. This braided hairstyle is perfect for thick, medium-to-long hair, and it’s easy to recreate at home. Add some glamour with super-long lashes, soft pink lipstick, and chic pearl earrings.

21. Ashley Greene Braided Hairstyle: Messy side plait


The Twilight Saga actress Ashley Greene looks superb with her mocha brown hair done in a messy side plait. This effect is super-easy to achieve if you have layered hair, as the different lengths of hair will naturally poke out of your braid. If you don’t have layered hair, simply create a plait, and then gently pull at the braids to make them look a bit messy. Keep the rest of your hair sleek and shiny for a sexy and striking contrast.

22. Rachel McAdams Braided Hairstyle: Braided ponytail with bouffant


Actress Rachel McAdams looks fabulous with her braided ponytail and a gorgeous, puffy bouffant. This hairstyle requires loads of volume, so invest in some volume boosting hair products and plenty of light hair spray. To recreate Rachel’s sexy braided hairstyle, begin by teasing hair at the crown into a big, puffy bouffant. Start braiding your hair loosely at the nape of your neck, and secure your plait with a section of hair for a chic and polished finishing touch.

23. Nicole Kidman Braided Hairstyle: Thick fishtail plait


Movie star Nicole Kidman looks stunning with her auburn locks in a thick fishtail plait draped over one shoulder. This braided hairstyle is perfect for long, thick hair, and it can also be worn as a trendy, everyday hairstyle. Tame excess fuzz with a light, silicone-free hair spray, and leave your bangs loose for a romantic touch. Pair your fishtail plait with big, sparkly earrings for extra impact.

24. Kaley Cuoco Braided Hairstyle: Simple half crown braid


The Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco looks divine with her romantic up’do and a simple half crown braid. She sports long, smooth side bangs that frame her face, and a messy chignon at the nape of her neck. We love the contrast between her platinum blonde braid and her dark blonde locks, and the natural texture of her braided hairstyle. Secure your half-crown braid with discreet pins to keep it in place all day long.

 25. Dianna Agron Braided Hairstyle: Skinny fishtail plait


Glee singer and actress Dianna Agron looks chic and stylish with her skinny fishtail plait. This braided hairstyle is perfect for long, thin/fine hair, as you can create a very tight braid with minimal effort. Keep your braid looking sleek with a smoothing anti-frizz serum, and secure the end with a transparent elastic or a section of your own hair. If you have layered hair, don’t worry about a few misbehaving hairs poking out of your braid – simply pull a few more out to make it look deliberate!

26. Vanessa Hudgens Braided Hairstyle: Big, bold halo braid


Actress and singer Vanessa Hudgens looks beautiful with her big, bold halo braid and face-framing flyaway hairs. Her ombre hued locks give her braid a contemporary edge, and we love how she’s blended streaks of honey blonde into her mocha brown hair color. Position your braid close to your hairline for a gorgeous, halo-like effect, and leave a few strands of hair loose to frame your face and soften your features.

27. Jennifer Morrison Braided Hairstyle: Soft, wispy fishtail plait


Actress Jennifer Morrison looks pretty and poised with her soft, wispy fishtail plait. This braided hairstyle is great for long, fine hair, as it gives hair extra definition, making your locks look fuller and thicker. Wear your hair in a side-parting to keep it out of your face, and wind a thick section of hair around the top of your plait to add extra volume. Finish off this romantic look with pale pink lipstick, minimal eye makeup, and a dewy complexion.

28. Kim Kardashian Braided Hairstyle: Sleek braided bun 


Reality TV personality Kim Kardashian looks phenomenal with her sleek braided bun. Her raven locks have been pulled up into a big bun and adorned with a thick French braid, giving her braided hairstyle a regal touch. To recreate Kim’s glamorous braided bun at home, start by slicking your hair back and separating one section of hair before pulling the rest into a bun. Braid the free section of hair, and wind it around the base of your bun, securing it with some discreet hair pins.

29. Jessica Alba Braided Hairstyle: Double crown braids


Actress and beauty icon Jessica Alba looks divine with her delicate double crown braids. She sports two  half-crown braids positioned close to her hairline, with the rest of her hair pulled back into a simple bun. This braided hairstyle is super-easy to recreate by yourself at home – simply follow the steps for a normal crown braid, but create two braids instead of one.

30. Scarlett Johansson Braided Hairstyle: Whimsical halo braid


Actress Scarlett Johansson looks utterly gorgeous with her pretty, whimsical halo braid. Here you can see what a true halo braid looks like – a full, thick braid encircling the top of the head. This braided hairstyle works best with thick hair, as you need plenty of volume to create a thick braid. Keep your braid in place with a few discreet hair pins, as it may be heavy if your hair is especially thick.

31. Alicia Keys Braided Hairstyle: Side-braided ‘do with natural curls


Singer-songwriter and musician Alicia Keys looks fabulous with her side-braided hairstyle and loads of natural, springy curls. She wears her hair in a chic high ponytail, with delicate horizontal braids and hair teased slightly at the crown. This braided hairstyle is great for naturally curly hair, as it’s a chic and stylish way to tame wild, fuzzy locks. Smooth some anti-frizz serum over your hair before plaiting it to minimize excess fluff.

32. Taylor Swift Braided Hairstyle: Chic and girly side-braid


Country music singer-songwriter Taylor Swift looks gorgeous with her chic and girly side-braid, and a pair of cherry-red sunnies whilst out and about. The side braid is quick and easy to style, and it’s a great go-to hairdo for bad hair days. Spring weather can be quite unpredictable, and a side-braid is a great choice for those in-between days when you’re not sure whether it will rain or shine.

33. Alicia Keys Braided Hairstyle: Gravity-defying braid


Songstress Alicia Keys looks striking with her kooky, gravity-defying braid perched atop her head. We love her bold statement piece, and the unusual asymmetry of her braided hairstyle. To recreate this look at home, start by spraying your hair lightly with anti-frizz serum, pulling it into a ponytail and then braiding it loosely. Drape the finished braid over your forehead, and secure it with several discreet hair pins to keep it from coming loose.

34. Lauren Conrad Braided Hairstyle: Cute braided bun 


Reality TV personality and fashion designer Lauren Conrad looks adorable with her cute braided bun. She sports a simple French side-braid that is worked into a low bun, and soft, wispy flyaway hairs that frame her face. Lauren’s warm, rich hair color gives her braid extra depth, and we love the healthy shimmer of her golden-brown locks.

35. Jessica Alba Braided Hairstyle: Glamorous braided bun


We are so jealous of actress and beauty icon Jessica Alba’s glamorous braided bun. We love absolutely everything about this chic hairstyle: her rich mocha hair color, the subtle skinny hazel highlights, the intricate and smooth side-braids that skim her temples, and the thick, tousled bun that sits at the nape of her neck. Overall, we think that this is a 5-star braided hairstyle!

36. Amanda Seyfried Braided Hairstyle: Milkmaid braid


Actress and singer Amanda Seyfried looks divine with her long, wheat-blonde locks done up in a thick milkmaid braid. The milkmaid braid is very similar to the halo braid, and you might hear the two terms being used interchangeably. However, the milkmaid braid is usually thicker and set further back on the head than the halo braid. Make a middle parting in your hair for a classic look, and secure your braid at least 4 fingers width away from your forehead for best results.

37. Emma Watson Braided Hairstyle: Criss-crossing braids


Actress Emma Watson sports an interesting take on the braided up’do with funky criss-crossing braids in her medium length hair. If you have time to experiment with your hair, try making lots of little braids, and find ways to connect them with hair ties or pins. You can even create designs like zigzags or a heart – get creative and see what you can come up with!

38. Whitney Port Braided Hairstyle: Casual, loose side braid


American TV personality and fashion designer Whitney Port looks carefree and gorgeous with her casual, loose side braid and sweeping caramel-hued layers of hair. This braided hairstyle requires plenty of volume, so start by washing and conditioning your hair with volume boosting hair care products.

39. Maria Menounos Braided Hairstyle: Soft side-braided up’do


American actress Maria Menounos looks fabulous with her soft, side-braided up’do and pretty, sparkly earrings. She sports romantic French braids and a loose, messy bun that sits at the nape of her neck. This is a great braided hairstyle for long, thick, and straight hair, and it’s perfect for a first date or a special occasion. Pair your romantic braided hairstyle with smoky eye makeup and nude lips for some subtle sex appeal.

40. Erin Fetherston Braided Hairstyle: Milkmaid braid with blunt bangs


American fashion designer Erin Fetherston mixes it up with a big, chunky milkmaid braid and poker-straight blunt bangs that skim her eyes. This bold hairstyle is made especially striking by her platinum blonde locks, and a shimmery golden thread wound through her braid. Blunt bangs work best with thick, straight hair, and with long, narrow faces, so choose your bangs wisely.

41. Kristen Stewart Braided Hairstyle: Wild, boho braid


The Twilight Saga actress Kristen Stewart stays true to her grunge/rock image with wild, tousled locks and a single boho braid. To recreate this style at home, first comb tousled hair into a simple side-swept style. Then, braid one section of hair from behind your ear, and secure the rest of your hair with a few discreet hair pins. Use a texturizing spray for wild, natural looking locks.

42. Lea Michele Braided Hairstyle: Messy fishtail plait


Glee actress and singer Lea Michele looks radiantly beautiful with her sunflower-yellow jacket and a messy fishtail plait. Her subtle ombre fade gives her locks extra definition, and we love how her layered hair pokes out of her braids. To recreate this braided hairstyle at home, simply create a very loose fishtail braid to one side, and pull at any stray hairs so that they poke out of the braid. Tie the end of your braid tightly to stop it unraveling entirely.

43. Rachel McAdams Braided Hairstyle: Double crown braid with flowers


Actress Rachel McAdams looks absolutely breathtaking with her gorgeous double crown braid and a braided bun adorned with pink flowers. This romantic braided hairstyle is perfect for an outdoor wedding, and it’s very easy to recreate at home. Leave a few strands of hair loose for a whimsical touch, and keep your makeup natural and summery for radiant, glowing skin.

44. Taylor Swift Braided Hairstyle: Cute crown braid and long bangs


Country music singer Taylor Swift looks divine with her cute crown braid and long, choppy bangs. This hairstyle works best with long, fine hair, and it can be adjusted for thicker hair too simply by creating a bigger crown braid. To keep your hair looking as smooth and sleek as Taylor’s, invest in a silicone-free anti-frizz spray, and apply it liberally before styling your hair.

45. Scarlett Johansson Braided Hairstyle: Quirky crown braids


Actress Scarlett Johansson looks striking with her side-swept hairstyle and quirky crown braids that provide a stark contrast to her smooth, silky locks. This hairstyle works well with thin hair, as you need to make very thin, subtle braids that almost blend into your hair.

46. Kate Bosworth Braided Hairstyle: Wispy side braid


American actress, model and singer Kate Bosworth looks beautiful with her wispy, golden locks in a casual side braid. If you have fine/thin hair like Kate’s, this is a great hairstyle choice as it gives your locks definition, making them look fuller and thicker. You can also create a very delicate and feminine looking fishtail plait with fine hair – just take care not to pull your hair too tightly if it’s prone to breakage.

47. Cara Delevingne Braided Hairstyle: Braided ponytail with bouffant


Quirky fashion model Cara Delevingne looks smoking hot with her braided ponytail and a puffy bouffant. Take inspiration from Cara and give your braided hairstyle some sex appeal by teasing hair at the crown to create a chic bouffant. Smooth hair down at the sides with some light hair gel, braid your ponytail, and you’re good to go.

48. Beyonce Knowles Braided Hairstyles: Massive box braid bun


If you’re rocking box braid extensions, why not take inspiration from songstress Beyonce Knowles and wear your braids in a huge, gravity-defying bun? This braided hairstyle is chic, contemporary, and perfect for balmy summer days outdoors. Keep your box braids in tip-top shape by oiling your scalp regularly, and taking them out after 3 months before your hair gets damaged.

49. Katy Perry Braided Hairstyle: Embellished halo braid


Pop music sensation Katy Perry keeps her look simple and sophisticated with a single halo braid intertwined with a thick golden thread. Hair embellishments can update any simple hairstyle, and they’re a great way to show a bit of your personality through your appearance. Look out for pretty headbands, interesting hair slides and clips, and floral hair accessories to adorn your braided hairstyle.

50. Nicole Richie Braided Hairstyle: Cute braided ponytail


Reality TV personality and socialite Nicole Richie looks cute and casual with her braided ponytail. Her hair has been parted in the middle and French-braided at the sides before being pulled into a ponytail. Her ponytail is a short fishtail braid, and we love the pairing of the two braiding styles in one hairstyle – tres chic!

51. Selena Gomez Braided Hairstyle: Sexy fishtail braid


Singer and actress Selena Gomez looks phenomenal with her sexy fishtail braid and thick, face-framing layers of hair. We absolutely adore her rich mahogany hair color, and the thick waves of hair that frame her face. To get hair as glossy as Selena’s, try a hydrating hot oil hair treatment once a week, and lay off the heat styling to give your hair a chance to recover from any styling-induced damage.

52. Alicia Keys Braided Hairstyle: Messy, thick fishtail braid


Singer-songwriter Alicia Keys looks striking with her messy, thick fishtail braid and some bright red lippy. Her glossy, mocha-brown hair has been piled up on one side in a dramatic side-swept style, and she sports a tightly braided fishtail plait draped over one shoulder. A great edgy braided hairstyle for when you’re feeling adventurous.

53. Diane Kruger Braided Hairstyle: Chic side plait with beret


German-born actress Diane Kruger looks effortlessly chic with her simple side plait and a Parisian-inspired beret. This braided hairstyle is perfect for a bad hair day, as you can simply create a plait and hide the rest of your hair under a stylish hat. Keep your makeup fresh and natural for a flirty and casual everyday look.

54. Emma Watson Braided Hairstyle: Cute, textured side braid


English actress Emma Watson looks adorable with her russet-brown locks in a textured side plait. This hairstyle is all about natural texture, so skip the smoothing and anti-frizz serums and embrace your hair’s natural texture. You can use a texturizing spray for extra impact – simply work it into your hair with your fingertips before styling, and create a loose braid with sections of hair poking out for best results.

55. Lea Michele Braided Hairstyle: Braided chignon with rounded bangs


Glee actress and singer Lea Michele looks smoking hot with her dark chocolate brown locks in a braided chignon. She sports a subtle crown braid and flattering rounded bangs that suit her oval face shape. To create a braided chignon like Lea’s, first create two simple plaits in your hair – one tiny one for the crown braid, and a big one for the chignon. Then, wind the large plait into a loose bun, and secure it at the nape of your neck. Position the small plait over your head, and pin it to keep it in place. Easy!

56. Katy Perry Braided Hairstyle: Sleek ponytail with braided detail


Pop princess Katy Perry looks stunning with her jet black locks pulled back into a sleek ponytail with subtle braided detailing. Take inspiration from Katy and update your simple ponytail by wrapping a thin braid around the hair tie. For hair as smooth and sleek as Katy’s, invest in a good quality, silicone-free hair serum that won’t make your hair look greasy.

57. Kristen Stewart Braided Hairstyle: Edgy side-braided ‘do


Actress Kristen Stewart shows off an edgy punk-glam hairstyle with side braids and tousled side-swept waves. This alternative braided hairstyle imitates the trendy side-shaved look without taking a razor to your gorgeous long locks. Keep your braids super-smooth and fuzz-free by using anti-frizz spray before styling.

58. Cara Delevingne Braided Hairstyle: Sexy side-braided hairdo


Quirky fashion model Cara Delevingne sports another variation of the side-braided hairstyle with a deep side-parting and tightly woven braids. Pair this sexy, edgy look with smoky eye makeup, nude lips, ear cuffs, punk-rock jewelry and straight, textured locks for maximum impact on a night out.

59. Keri Hilson Braided Hairstyle: Half-up box braids


American singer-songwriter Keri Hilson looks phenomenal with her super-long box braids in a chic half-up hairdo. Box braids are incredibly versatile, so you can experiment with them and find new ways to wear them – in a bun, in a side-swept style, or loose and natural. Half-up hairdos are great for summer, as they keep hair out of your face whilst looking fabulous.

60. Nicole Richie Braided Hairstyle: Thick braided topknot


TV personality and socialite Nicole Richie looks stylish and sophisticated with her thick, braided topknot. The topknot is a great hairstyle for special occasions or a night out, as it’s simple yet glamorous. Pair your braided topknot hairstyle with pretty gold earrings and flawless makeup for a flirty and feminine final touch.

61. Ellie Goulding Braided Hairstyle: Loose plaited ponytail


English singer-songwriter Ellie Goulding looks gorgeous with her wheat-blonde locks in a loose, plaited ponytail. This braided hairstyle is very flattering for her long, thick hair, and the sweeping side-fringe frames her face beautifully. Pair your carefree braided hairstyle with shimmery eye-shadow, peachy blush, and nude lips for a fresh and flirty daytime look.

62. Katy Perry Braided Hairstyle: Regal braided ponytail


Singer-songwriter Katy Perry looks divine with her super-long braided ponytail and amazing, sparkly chandelier earrings. This braided hairstyle works best with very long, straight hair, but you can always create a shorter version if your hair isn’t quite as long as Katy’s. Simply tie your hair up in a high ponytail, and braid it to form a long plait. Then, wind the top section around your hair tie, secure it with discreet pins, and let the rest of the plait hang freely.

63. Kristen Stewart Braided Hairstyle: Untidy fishtail braid


American actress Kristen Stewart looks fierce with her untidy, textured fishtail braid. KStew proves that a fishtail braid needn’t be super-sleek and shiny to look great – a bit of frizz can look just as chic. This braided hairstyle works well with wavy or curly hair, and you can recreate this look with a texturizing spray and a wide-toothed comb if you have straight hair.

64. Lea Michele Braided Hairstyle: Thick, chunky plait


Actress and singer Lea Michele rocks a super-long, thick and chunky plait with a subtle ombre fade. We love that she’s chosen a sophisticated low ponytail and a simple, messy plait to tame her wild locks. This braided hairstyle is perfect for curly hair,  as it keeps hair away from your face whilst giving it a chic defining style. Use anti-frizz serum around your crown to keep hair smooth and sleek.

65. Julianne Hough Braided Hairstyle: Super-cute braided bangs


Safe Haven actress Julianne Hough looks flirty and carefree with her super-cute braided bangs. Delicate braids can update any hairstyle, so experiment with different styles to find one that suits you. Braided bangs are trending at the moment, and they’re incredibly easy to recreate at home. Simply braid your bangs to one side, and secure them with a hidden hair pin.

66. Nicole Richie Braided Hairstyle: Fishtail plait ponytail


TV personality and socialite Nicole Richie looks striking with her bold fishtail plait ponytail. A quirky combination between a sleek topknot and a long fishtail plait, this braided hairstyle is sure to turn heads. For a polished final look, smooth anti-frizz serum over your hair before styling.

67. Amy Adams Braided Hairstyle: Stylish braided bun


Actress Amy Adams looks divine with her stylish braided bun up’do. Braided buns are popular on the red carpet this year, and we can see why – chic, feminine, and sophisticated, they look amazing with any outfit. Take inspiration from Amy and keep your braided hairstyle simple with a few French braids and a messy, intricately woven bun. Pair this braided hairstyle with drop earrings for some extra glamour.

68. Emily Blunt Braided Hairstyle: French braided up’do


English actress Emily Blunt looks gorgeous with her pretty, French-braided up’do. French braids are classic and classy, and they’re easy to create. Look out for step-by-step online tutorials of interesting variations of the French braid, or even experiment by yourself and find new and exciting ways to wear this old classic.

69. Olivia Palermo Braided Hairstyle: Thick, twisted side plait


TV personality and fashionista Olivia Palermo looks beautiful with her thick, twisted side plait. Her voluminous hazel locks have been twisted into a messy, bottom-heavy plait that rests on her shoulder. This quirky braided hairstyle is a fresh take on the traditional side-plait, and we love that Olivia has worked with her thick hair and found a style that shows off her gorgeous voluminous locks.

70. Lucy Liu Braided Hairstyle: Glossy fishtail braid


Actress Lucy Liu looks absolutely breathtaking with her jet black locks in a glossy fishtail braid. She also sports braided side-bangs that have been twisted and pinned out of her face, making this a great braided hairstyle for summer. For hair as glossy as Lucy’s, try including these hair-friendly foods in your diet: good fats like avocado, peanut butter, nuts, and olive oil.

71. Blake Lively Braided Hairstyle: Blonde fishtail plait


Actress Blake Lively is right on trend with her thick blonde fishtail plait. This braided hairstyle is perfect for summer, as it keeps you cool by keeping hair out of your face and off of your neck. Keep your fishtail plait simple and messy for a great beachy braided hairstyle, and add some bright earrings for extra impact.

72. Jennifer Morrison Braided Hairstyle: Sophisticated side braid 


American actress Jennifer Morrison sports a sophisticated side braid worked in to her sleek ponytail. Her bangs form part of the braid, keeping hair out of her face and creating a sleek outline. This hairstyle is super-easy to recreate at home – simply braid your bangs carefully, tie your hair up in a chic ponytail, secure the braid with a discreet hair pin, and wrap a section of hair around your hair tie to conceal it. Easy!

73. Sarah Hyland Braided Hairstyle: Crown braid with loose waves 


 Modern Family actress Sarah Hyland looks positively radiant with her crown braid and loose, glossy layers of hair. This braided hairstyle is contemporary and flirty, and it suits Sarah’s round shaped face perfectly. To recreate this playful braided hairstyle, simply create a messy crown braid in your loose hair a few centimeters away from your hairline, leaving space for your bangs.

74. Emma Watson Braided Hairstyle: Teeny-tiny crown braids


English actress Emma Watson looks fantastic with her tousled up’do and teeny-tiny crown braids. This braided hairstyle is perfect for short, fine hair, and it’s very easy to recreate at home. Take a small section of hair from above each temple and create a thin braid from each, then join them into a crown that stretches from ear to ear. Repeat this with sections of hair a bit further back to form a stylish double-crown.

75. Sienna Miller Braided Hairstyle: Angelic halo braid


English actress Sienna Miller looks radiantly beautiful with her angelic halo braid and delicate, sparkly drop earrings. This is a wonderful braided hairstyle for long, thick hair, and it looks best with a full, thick braid. If you have particularly thick hair, you may need a lot of hairpins to keep your braid in place. There’s nothing worse than having your hairstyle unravel on a day/night out!

76. Kristen Stewart Braided Hairstyle: Sexy braided up’do


Actress Kristen Stewart looks smoking hot with her sexy braided up’do. The braided up’do is trending at the moment, with all kinds of exciting variations and hybrid styles. For an undone and romantic look, embrace your flyaway hairs and let them frame your face.

77. Kate Mara Braided Hairstyle: Sleek, puffy fishtail braid


American actress Kate Mara looks divine with her warm chestnut-brown locks in a sleek, puffy fishtail braid. We love that she’s chosen an alternative style for her fishtail braid – wide and puffy, rather than thin and slender. Kate keeps her look chic and sophisticated with smooth, glossy locks and natural makeup.

78. Kim Kardashian Braided Hairstyle: Super-long locks with random braids


Reality TV personality and model Kim Kardashian mixes her look up by adding a few random braids to her long, flowing mane of dark hair. Simple, playful, and easy to style, this braided hairdo is a great starting point for those curious about braids.

79. Rita Ora Braided Hairstyle: Cute platinum blonde side pony


Songstress Rita Ora looks fabulous with her cute platinum blonde side pony. The side pony is perfect for outdoor events like a day at the beach or a picnic, as you can keep your hair out of your face whilst still looking stylish. Embellish your side plait with flowers or a shimmery metallic hair tie for extra impact.

80. Chanel Iman Braided Hairstyle: Edgy side-braided ‘do


American model Chanel Iman looks striking with her edgy side-braided ‘do and pink dip-dyed tips. We love how Chanel has owned this alternative look, and we think it really suits her. Pair your edgy side-braided hairstyle with smoky eye-makeup and quirky earrings for maximum impact.

81. Isla Fisher Braided Hairstyle: Voluminous, textured side braid


Actress Isla Fisher looks delightful with her voluminous, textured side braid and dangling pink earrings. The side braid is a saving grace for those of us who struggle with frizzy hair – simply pull it into a side braid, and your hair woes are over! Wear your hair in a deep side parting for a glamorous final touch.

82. Jennifer Hudson Braided Hairstyle: Glamorous side plait


Singer and actress Jennifer Hudson looks fabulous with her thick and glamorous side plait and some gorgeous pale pink lippy. We love the playful twist in her hair, and the trending side-swept style that has created a subtle, face framing wave. For hair as shiny as Jennifer’s, treat your hair with a light anti-frizz serum before styling.

83. Kirsten Dunst Braided Hairstyle: Cute crown braid


Actress Kirsten Dunst looks positively radiant with her soft, golden blonde locks done up in a cute crown braid. She doubles the glam factor by adding a tiny string of pearls as a headband – simply gorgeous. Finish off this adorable look with cerise lips and natural-looking eye makeup.

84. Jennifer Aniston Braided Hairstyle: Subtle braided bangs


Comedy actress Jennifer Aniston looks gorgeous with her subtle braided bangs and mid-length golden locks. If you’re not quite brave enough to try a complex braided hairstyle or you’re looking for something cute and simple, why not braid your bangs?

85. Katy Perry Braided Hairstyle: Crown braid and long, luscious waves


Pop princess Katy Perry looks beautiful with her regal crown braid and long, luscious waves of hair. This medieval-inspired ‘do is classy and sophisticated, and simple enough for everyday wear. Keep your braid fuzz-free by using a smoothing anti-frizz serum before styling.

86. Bella Thorne Braided Hairstyle: Wispy, loose braid


Teen model and actress Bella Thorne looks stunning with a wispy, loose braid and long, choppy bangs. This braided hairstyle is perfect for long, thin/fine hair as it gives your locks some extra definition, making it appear fuller and thicker. Wrap a section of your hair around the hair tie for a chic, polished look.

87. Nicole Scherzinger Braided Hairstyle: Fancy braided bun


American singer-songwriter Nicole Scherzinger looks fabulous with her raven locks in a fancy braided bun. This glamorous braided hairstyle is great for a night out or a special event, and it works especially well with long, straight hair.

88. Olivia Palermo Braided Hairstyle: Tiny side plait


TV personality and fashionista Olivia Palermo looks gorgeous with her tiny side plait. If you think your hair is too short to look good in a plait, think again – tiny plaits look simply adorable! Secure your plait to one side for a chic, contemporary braided hairstyle.

89. Zoe Saldana Braided Hairstyle: Delicate crown braid


Actress Zoe Saldana is right on trend with her pretty and delicate crown braid adorning her long, wavy locks. To recreate this feminine braided hairstyle at home, simply take a small section of hair from above each temple and braid it tightly. Secure the braids at the top of your head, and you’ve got a pretty crown braid!

90. Jessica Chastain Braided Hairstyle: Half crown braid 


Actress Jessica Chastain looks divine with her auburn locks in a fabulous half crown braid. You may need the help of a stylist to recreate this look, purely based on the complexity, but we think it’d be well worth it for a special occasion. If you’re keen to try your hand at it, find an online tutorial and stock up on hairpins!

91. Delta Goodrem Braided Hairstyle: Crown braid and loads of curls


Australian singer-songwriter Delta Goodrem looks absolutely fabulous with her braided crown and loads of big, bouncy curls. Her crown braid functions as a chic headband, keeping her hair out of her face. To get Delta’s full, romantic curls, use a thick-barreled curling iron and some light, silicone-free hairspray to keep them in place.

92. Emmy Rossum Braided Hairstyle: Glossy fishtail braid


American actress and singer-songwriter Emmy Rossum sports a glossy fishtail braid and a pinned-back side-fringe. This chic, conservative braided hairstyle is perfect for the office or a job interview, and you can even glam it up by leaving your fringe loose and adding a sparkly hair accessory.

93. Rita Ora Braided Hairstyle: Super-cool fishtail braids


British singer-songwriter Rita Ora rocks super-cool fishtail braids by wearing them as low pigtails. Double braids mean double the fun, and they’re also bang on trend. This braided hairstyle is perfect for a day at the beach or a pool party – glam it up with some bright red lipstick and cat-eye sunnies, and you’re good to go.

94. Amy Adams Braided Hairstyle: Pretty braided side fringe


Actress Amy Adams looks superb with her unique and pretty braided side fringe. We love how her fringe has been incorporated into a delicate French braid that sweeps across her forehead – simply divine. Take inspiration from Amy and try braiding your fringe or your bangs the next time you go out.

95. Charlize Theron Braided Hairstyle: Beautiful braided chignon 


South African-born actress Charlize Theron looks pretty and poised with her beautiful braided chignon secured at the nape of her neck. To recreate this braided hairstyle at home, create a long braid and then carefully twist it into a chignon. Secure your braided chignon with discreet hair pins to keep it from unraveling.

96. Sarah Hyland Braided Hairstyle: Perfect halo braid


Modern Family actress Sarah Hyland looks divine with her perfect halo braid. Her deep middle parting accentuates the symmetry of her face, while the halo braid gives this hairstyle a chic and regal touch. Pair your feminine braided hairstyle with natural-looking makeup for a stunning final touch.

97. Sarah Michelle Gellar Braided Hairstyle: Sexy side-braided ‘do


American actress and producer Sarah Michelle Gellar sports a sexy side-braided ‘do with French braids and a messy bun. This casual braided hairstyle is great for weekend activities outdoors, and it’s easy to recreate at home. Pair your carefree hairdo with pretty gold earrings for a chic and feminine look.

98. Vanessa Hudgens Braided Hairstyle: Boho fishtail plait


Actress and singer Vanessa Hudgens is bang on trend with her beautiful boho fishtail plait. She adorns her plait with a floral hair accessory, drawing the eye downwards and accentuating the intricate braid work. Hair accessories can give your hairstyle personality, so look out for pretty hair bands, clips, slides, and other accessories to embellish your locks.

99. Lea Michele Braided Hairstyle: Ombre fishtail plait


Glee actress and singer Lea Michele looks divine with her ombre fishtail plait and a chic beret. Ombre locks can look superb in plaits and braids, so don’t be afraid to experiment! Two-tone plaits are especially striking, as are subtle color fades like an ombre from brown to blonde.

100. Sarah Hyland Braided Hairstyle: Sexy, voluminous side braid


Actress Sarah Hyland looks smoking hot with this sexy, voluminous side braid and cerise lips. Make a bold statement with a thick, puffy braid and a thick section of hair wound around your hair tie. Finish off this look with sweeping side bangs and flawless makeup.

So there you have it – our Top 100 Braided Hairstyles ! We’re certain that you’ve been inspired to try out a fabulous braided hairstyle as your new hairdo, so go ahead and start experimenting!


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