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Bra Size




ariana 4


5 feet 1 inches or 155 centimeters


104 pounds or 47 kilograms

Boyfriends and Spouses

Graham Phillips: (2008-2010) Ariana Grande began dating the actor, Graham Phillips in 2008. They were together until March of 2010.

Jai Brooks: (2012-2014, off and on) Known for his work as an Australian musician, Jai Brooks first met Ariana Grande through Twitter. Although she is older than him, they began dating in August of 2012. The couple ended up breaking up temporarily in August of 2013. By September of the same year, Ariana was spotted at his concert and it was assumed that they were together again. They finally broke up for good in July of 2014.

Big Sean: (2014) Known by his rap name of Big Sean, Sean was rumored to be dating Ariana Grande from July of 2014 to the present. They confirmed their relationship on October 13 of 2014.

Plastic Surgery

She has never had any reported plastic surgery procedures.

Net Worth

She has an estimated net worth of $12 million from her acting work.

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Birth Name

Her birth name was Ariana Grande-Butera.


She is known by the names of RiRi, Ariana, Little Red and Ari.


Ariana was born on June 26 of 1993, so she is currently 21 years old. She will turn 22 years old in June of 2015.

Sun Sign

Her sun sign is Cancer.

Birth Location

Ariana Grande was born in Boca Raton, Florida.


She is an American citizen by birth.


Ariana studied at the North Broward Prepartory School. She ultimately left high school and started home schooling so that she could pursue her acting career.

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Father: Edward Butera
Mother: Joan Grande
Brother: Frankie Grande


She is extremely thin.


She is an actress, singer, voice over artist and dancer.

Hair Color

She has dark brown hair, but she regularly dyes it for her different acting roles.

Eye Color

Ariana Grande has dark brown eyes.

Dress Size

2 (US)

Distinctive Features

She is known for her dimple, her cute face and her extremely high-pitched voice.


She has Italian ancestors.

Shoe Size

6 (US)


Ariana Grande was raised in a Roman Catholic household. During Pope Benedict’s term as pope, she became disillusioned with the Catholic church. Due to this, she began to practice Kabbalah since she was just 12 years old. She believes in the basic principle that people should do good things and help other people.

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Best Known For

She is best known for playing the role of Cat Valentine in the Nickelodeon show, Victorious. Grande was a part of the show from 2010 until it ended in 2013.

First Television Show

She initially appeared on television in a single episode of Battery Down as the character of Bat Mitzvah riffer.

First Film

The first film that she ever appeared in was Swindle in 2013. She played the lead role of Amanda Benson alongside the actor, Noah Crawford.

First Studio Album

Ariana Grande released her first album on August 30 of 2013. She released Yours Truly with Republic Records. The album lasts for 50 minutes and contains 13 singles.

Ariana Grande’s Favorite Things

Favorite Workout: Ellipticals and Hiking
Favorite Color: Lavender
Favorite Hobby: Meditation
Favorite Vacation Spots: Malaysia and South Africa
Favorite Drink: Coconut Water
Favorite Snack: Dried Fruit and Nuts
Favorite Meal: Salmon
Favorite Musicians: Madonna and Imogen Heap
Favorite Song: What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction

Ariana Grande Facts

Although she loves roller coasters, Ariana Grande is afraid of heights.
She has four pet dogs named Toulouse, Coco, Fawkes and Ophelia.
Her favorite time to go to the beach is in the middle of the night.
Grande was named Ariana after Princess Oriana in the 1950s movie, Felix the Cat.
Ariana Grande has received two Grammy nominations and won an American Music Award.
She has been compared to Nancy Sinatra in the past for her signature thigh high boots.
Unlike other adolescent musicians and actors, she has managed to maintain a pristine reputation. Ariana Grande has said that she would rather people focus on her music than what she chooses to wear.

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