20 Nicest Celebrities

By on December 31, 2014

We’re always talking about the hottest actors and actresses, or the most popular singers and performers. We’ve decided its time to take a different approach for the purposes of this post on Herinterest. This time we are going to be looking at the 20 nicest celebrities out there – celebrities that donate to charity and do things that other people wouldn’t. Celebrities that would do things so cute and nice to people they don’t even know, it might make your heart melt.

Don’t believe us? Let’s find out more…

Here are the 20 nicest celebrities and why we think they deserve to be on this list:

1 – Jennifer Lawrence

Let’s be honest – all the girls want to be her and all the guys want to be with her. She’s one of the most fun-loving, down to earth and ‘real’ celebrities out there, always falling over, eating too much and telling the world how she loves to slob around all day in her PJ’s.

20 Nicest Celebrities_01

Aside from being one of the most ‘realistic’ of all celebs, it turns out she’s actually a super-nice person too. Despite the fact she’s now an A-List celebrity with more hit films under her belt than most actresses could shake a stick at, all co-workers have said she is the nicest, friendliest people they’ve ever had to work with, becoming a firm friend of director David O. Russell and even standing by the side of an injured woman when she collapsed outside her apartment. According to reports, she actually stayed there right up until the paramedics came and tended to her.

We knew we loved her for a reason!

2 – Matt Damon

We love this guy because he’s kinda cute but there’s another reason he captures the heart of women all over the world. He actually helped to found the charity water.org which helps to give those people in need of clean water in developing countries the resources they need.

20 Nicest Celebrities_02

Not just content with proving people in need with clean water, he also teamed up with a whole bunch of actors from the film Ocean’s Eleven to found something called Not On Our Watch which is a charity dedicated to stoping atrocities happening to those in developing countries too. Oh, plus he supports the ONE Campaign which helps in the fight against AIDS and poverty in countries that are considered to be underdeveloped.

3 – Mila Kunis

She’s the girl everyone loves to date but apparently, back in 2011 a veteran from the Afghan war in the Marine Corps requested that she be his ‘plus-one’ for the Corps ball. Believe it or not, she actually turned up. Can you believe that?

20 Nicest Celebrities_03

4 – Steve Buscemi

He’s not one that will regularly turn up on the ‘hottest’ lists as he’s not what you would call conventionally attractive, but that doesn’t stop women falling in love with him and the main reason behind that is his firefighter background. Pre-acting, he was a fully fledged firefighter and in fact, after the disaster that was 9/11, he went back to his roots to volunteer and assist with the shocking aftermath.

20 Nicest Celebrities_04

At last, a celebrity that doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty to help others!

5 – Lady Gaga

She’s more known for her mental behaviour and wacky sense of style than anything else but she’s actually a lovely person with her hands in more proverbial charitable pies than you may expect.

20 Nicest Celebrities_05

There was the MAC Viva Glam campaign – this was her collaboration with the makeup brand to help raise awareness and raise funds for the MAC Aids fund. She also helped to found the Born This Way Foundation which helps young kids to become inspired to be brave and imaginative with their lives.

Wacky and nice, there’s a first!

6 – Tom Hanks

This guy is an absolute legend and not only do ALL of his co-workers profess their love for the funny guy, he’s also a gem when out and about. Did you see the ‘selfie’ he took, for example? He helped to pose with the guy that pretended to be drunk in his food – a photograph that later went viral in a totally nuts way.

20 Nicest Celebrities_06

It would seem that he does this a lot too – there are always reports of him doing good stuff in the news and media. It’s nuts when you consider that he is the all-time highest earning box office star with a reported $3 billion plus gross earnings in his movies. Over 17 of his movies have grossed over $100 million in the box office charts worldwide too. Rich and nice! What’s not to love about that?

7 – Taylor Swift

Being such a young star, you’d expect this girl to have gone off the rails by now but instead, she’s given back in a massive way! She’s involved in a number of charities and even donated her actual prom dress to the charity donatemydress.org, netting over a thousand bucks! Not only that but she is well known for giving away free tickets to her concerts to kids that wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford to go, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

20 Nicest Celebrities_07

8 – Daniel Radcliffe

Harry Potter favourite has captured the hearts of women all over the world but he’s such a kind-hearted soul at the same time.

20 Nicest Celebrities_08

As well as working alongside The Trevor Project to help LGBT teens from feeling the pressure and committing suicide, he is part of many anti-homophobic campaigns and also helps out with Book Aid International and the Lupus Foundation of America too, donating a lot of his money to charity as he goes.

What a decent guy!

9 – Selena Gomez

You’d probably know her better as the on-off girlfriend as Justin Bieber but as well as holding her own in her singing and acting career, she’s also a firm charity-helper and UNICEF’s youngest goodwill ambassador. Part of her role includes travelling around to raise awareness for underprivileged kids in underdeveloped countries. She has even travelled as far as Congo and Ghana in order to help raise awareness and she even worked hand in hand with Joe Jonas to launch a media centre with the Ryan Seacrest Foundation in the Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania.

20 Nicest Celebrities_09

Such a cutie and so nice at the same time!

10 – Ellen DeGeneres

She’s well known for her charity work but among one of the nicest things she’s ever done was to a couple crippled by a rent hike during the pregnancy of their second child. Without even blinking an eye, Ellen shelled out over $25,000 for the couple in aid, and helped to provide for their new arrival and getting the house ready.

20 Nicest Celebrities_10

Not just that but she’s also joined with a mass of animal charities, being a firm animal lover, and also donates generously to the American Red Cross too.

How lovely! Well done Ellen!

11 – Nick Cannon

Hubby to Mariah Carey and father of their twins, it would seem that his love for children doesn’t stop with his own family. The reason he belongs on the list of nicest celebrities is because of the work he does with various charities to help make the world a better place for the next generation.

20 Nicest Celebrities_11

There’s the Nickelodeon HALO award show, for example, which helped to raise the profile of kids that were inspired to help others. He actually hosted the event and not just that, produced it too. On top of that, he’s the official spokesperson for the charity Stamp Out Hunger and even hosted a event that lasted for three days to help Toys for Tots.

So, he’s cute, a family man and absolutely loves to help children. What more could you even want from such a hot celebrity?

12 – Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

‘Brangelina’ as they are now known are probably the two most prolific charity-helpers in Celebsville these days and as well as adopting children from around the world to help give them better lives, they do a whole host of charitable work despite their massively hectic work schedules.

20 Nicest Celebrities_12

Not only involved with various charities alone before they met each other, they have become a charity wonder-couple since coming together and they even started the Maddox Jolie-Pitt Foundation which not aims to eradicate poverty, but also helped to find natural resources to save the planet too.

Not just that, of course, they are both well known for donating millions of dollars to various charities over the years – something that can never be taken lightly!

13 – Alicia Keys

You don’t hear a lot about this singer in the media and she tends to keep her private life on the down low but that’s not to say she doesn’t do much. You’ll be surprised to learn that this beautiful girlie managed to raised a staggering $2.7million at The Black Ball Redux back in 2012 which helps the charity Keep A Child Alive, designed to help families in underdeveloped countries deal with the pain that often associated a loved one suffering with HIV and / or AIDS.

20 Nicest Celebrities_13

14 – Elton John

Another massive campaigner for HIV and AIDS, Elton John actually started up the Elton John Foundation in order to support individuals and groups of people suffering with the condition. That’s not all either – he’s been linked to a string of other charities including those for children, breast cancer, bullying, food supplies for the homeless, animal care and more! It would seem that this guy is just a charitable guy!

20 Nicest Celebrities_14

15 – Kristen Stewart

Not just the stony faced actress behind the massive classics of our generation – the Twilight movies, Kristen Stewart is well know for her charitable nature and friendly personality. When Hurricane Sandy hit, she managed to raise a pretty impressive $500,000 by spending just fifteen minutes with a Middle Eastern Prince – that was the deal and they both kept to their side of it.

20 Nicest Celebrities_15

Shoe Revolt is another charity that Kristen has been linked to, and this one helps to raise money for those involved within the sex trafficking industry.

16 – Johnny Depp

When a little girl wrote to Captain Jack Sparrow asking for help to raise a mutiny against her teachers, she probably didn’t expect Johnny Depp to actually turn up at the school dressed as the Pirates of the Caribbean character.

20 Nicest Celebrities_16

Believe it or not, that’s just what this celebrity did, much to the delight and amazement of the little girl and her school friends, and that’s not all – he’s also been linked to a string of charities and has reportedly given up a lot of his earnings to various charities over the years.

We knew he’d be nice as well as hot!

17 – Demi Lovato

She’s had a rough time of things in her past as well so it would make sense that Demi Lovato would give some of her newfound earnings back to the people that once tried to help her. As well as being linked to Shoe Revolt just like Kristen Stewart, she’s a massive fan of most anti-bullying charities and actively campaigns with them to help other kids in need.

20 Nicest Celebrities_17

18 – Oprah Winfrey

It’s not a secret that the queen of American TV herself has donated plenty to charity over the years but in 2004, she was actually ranked in the list of 50 most generous Americans and she actually stayed there right through until 6 years later in 2010 too!

20 Nicest Celebrities_18

There have been a number of donations made to various charities throughout the years – $12million, for example, was donated to the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture, and back in 1998 she even founded Oprah’s Angel Network which was designed to provide grants to other charities and places in need. Then there was the $11million she helped to raise for the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, and $10million of that was from her own personal earnings. Wow! Impressive, right?

19 – George Clooney

This hot older actor has been linked to no fewer than 32 different charities over the years and just one of those is joint with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie with the Not On Our Watch project, designed to prevent atrocities on a mass scale all over the world.

20 Nicest Celebrities_19

After Haiti, he helped to raise money with the Hope For Haiti Now organisation, and he is also a firm supporter of gay rights too! Hot and nice to everyone around him… His co-workers have nothing but good things to say about him too!

20 – Carrie Underwood

Knowing what it’s like to have nothing and be shot to super stardom after her stink on the American talent show, she is a very charitable person and not only gives away concert tickets to kids worth of such a gift, she’s also been linked with a whopping 19 other charities and even started up the Checotah Animal, Town, and School Foundation in 2009 to help the people of her hometown. It’s always nice when a celebrity gives back to the place they grew up in!

20 Nicest Celebrities_20

So there you have then – 20 of the nicest celebrities that you’ll ever hear about. Not just all about the charity donations, these are all celebrities that other celebrities have had nothing but GOOD things to say about and in a world where talk is everything, good reviews are a good thing!


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